How to Keep Your Staff Motivated During the Recession

Peninsula Team

June 03 2009

Keeping staff motivated during the recession

Danny Done, Managing Director of Portfolio Payroll, the payroll recruitment specialists looks at ways in which employers can keep their staff motivated during the recession. If you would like Portfolio Payroll to help you fulfil your payroll requirements, call them now on 020 7247 9455. With the recession in full swing, employers are expecting more from their workers as they struggle through this difficult economic period. It is therefore essential that businesses keep their employees motivated so that they can survive and even thrive during the recession. With budgets tightened however, employers can not afford to offer their workforce financial incentives to keep them motivated yet there are alternative incentives that employers can offer that do not have a heavy financial burden. Operating in a more flexible working environment is a great way to motivate staff and doesn't carry a substantial financial or productive cost to a business. Offering some employees the opportunity to work from home where possible will be an attractive prospect and for those living far away from the office, this would prove more beneficial to them than a financial incentive would. Flexible hours are another good way to keep some staff motivated and don't have a considerable affect to the business. Employers are still guaranteed to receive the same amount of productive input from the employee but at the same time the employee will feel they have more control over their job. Techniques such as these focus more on improving the work/life balance of employees and even in the current economic climate, this is considered more important to some people than money. Running regular incentives are a good way to boost short-term productivity and keep employees motivated. With a more focused objective, employee's will work harder towards achieving it. The incentive rewards do not have to carry a high financial cost, either. Offering an early finish to employees or an extended break during the day is no real burden to an employer but can be a welcome relief to an employee. Running an incentive to win lunch on the boss is another good way to motivate workers. Some employees would like nothing more than to think they have got one up on their boss. The cost of the lunch is far outweighed by the extra productivity gained from the increased work-rate of employees. Offering employees added perks for working for a company are a great way to keep staff motivated and at the same time only add a marginal cost to company's overheads. Offering things such as health insurance, private healthcare, dental plans, gym membership, etc, actually have a relatively low cost to the employer compared with base salary increases, but offer an overall attractive package to employees. Even things such as a dress down day can offer a little boost and make employees more comfortable in their working environment. With the recession looking to last for a while to come, it is vital that employers keep their staff motivated and productive so that they can keep their business afloat. Offering incentives to employees are a great way to keep staff motivated and focussed and remember, you don't always have to give staff more money to keep them happy; there are alternatives. Portfolio Payroll is the longest established payroll recruitment agency to specialise in recruiting Payroll Professionals for payroll careers, recently winning a coveted place on the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 list. With over 19 years expertise in the payroll field, we provide the leading payroll recruitment service to candidates and clients alike throughout the UK. For more information call us on 020 7247 9455.

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