The importance of ensuring your HR policies and procedures are watertight

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

February 02 2015

It is important to ensure your HR policies and procedures are watertight and I know that sounds obvious but it will really help you steer clear of employment tribunal. However, what is even more important is ensuring you follow your policies and procedures.
There is no use implementing watertight HR rules if you are not going to follow them and sadly we do see this - it’s a waste of resources, time and effort. A tribunal will also want to know if you have procedures in place and whether you followed them; if not why not? You also need to ensure that your policies are followed by all management, they need to be aware and the culture needs to be embedded throughout the company, this is very important. I also suggest that you check on a regular basis that your policies are reflective of recent changes in employment law, so review every six months, if unsure get a professional to access. Make any changes and once again communicate to all staff and ensure management are aware of the rules and adhere to them. One last piece of advice, always ensure that there are appeal procedures in place that outline a course of action should an employee disagree with a decision made. This should stipulate a timetable of what will happen and outline a contact of appeal. Make sure that all communication between yourself and the employee is documented and the employee receives in writing the outcome or course of action. Having watertight HR policies and procedures will help, however you need to ensure that policies are followed in order to significantly reduce the risk of employment tribunal.

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