The importance of good customer service

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

December 30 2014

I think good customer service is essential, I know that this may sound obvious but let me explain. I think delivering satisfactory service is efficient but in order to obtain loyalty you need to provide outstanding service. At Peninsula for example my consultants will spend as much time needed speaking with clients; their questions or queries may well be brief and take no more than minutes, however on the other hand they may well be dealing with something more complex. The request may need full attention and focus, so my employment law advisers will spend as much time as needed ensuring clients receive the best advice whether their question is brief or their problem is complex. This is key, never to rush the client, listen to what they say, at that present time they are the most important person and they are looking to you for help, so that is why it is paramount that they receive 100% attention. Peter Done, managing director of Peninsula often quotes that the customer, or in our case the client, can determine the future of everyone within a business, from the chairman down, and he is right. If a business does not provide 100% client satisfaction then how are they supposed to seek retention? A company will only retain its relationship with you providing it receives the best in service. I allow my team to use whatever means they can to help a client, they are empowered and I think this is very important because it helps to cut out the bureaucracy of seeking permission from management, whilst the client receives the attention they need faster. I also have to respect the fact that our team members are as dedicated to helping our clients as I am and so they are eager to assist businesses, they have some great ideas thus providing excellent customer care. Finally it is also important to look after clients because they can be an excellent marketing tool. They will help spread the word about your business, their recommendation is the best endorsement you can receive, if they receive excellent care, service and support then you know they will be happy to recommend your business and that can prove to be the key to your business.

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