The importance of implementing a social media HR policy.

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

April 30 2015

Just a reminder if you utilise social media within your business then it is important you have in place a policy that governs its usage. This will help to outline the use of social media, what it can and cannot be used for, whilst also stipulating guideline for personal use. It is worth adopting the wording so that it encompasses emerging technologies, especially as new and innovative social media platforms are introduced on a regular basis. In addition your rules should outline guidance on how employees use social media for personal use and what and when is deemed inappropriate to discuss work issues on personal accounts. Have in place a designated person, familiar with marketing to manage the your business social media accounts, therefore anyone who wishes to utilise the platform should liaise with the designated person. This way the process can be controlled, monitored and streamlined. The use of social media has increased within recent years and it is very important that your HR policies and procedures reflect this emerging marketing platform, as defamatory comments made by staff can be deemed as negative PR and not good for business. So ensure that you have safeguards in place through the means of a clear HR policy which should be communicated to all staff and emphasised to new employees at commencement of employment. It should also outline penalties for misuse [and an appropriate appeal procedure]. Finally if you require any further advice then contact the Peninsula Advice Service on 0844 892 2772. Policygraphicsocial-media-488886_640

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