The importance of having watertight internet policies & procedures

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

January 05 2015

I try and prevent anyone from quickly surfing the internet, if it is for something work related then that is fine even if it is personal I do not mind providing browsing does not take up too much time. However you need to ensure that staff know what the rules are, you also need to check that internet useage is not costing your business in terms of money and productivity. Sadly I hear from many employers who call us seeking advice for instances where workers have wasted productivity time by surfing the internet, browsed questionable websites or even worse downloaded a virus. My advice is to implement policies and procedures that govern the use of internet browsing and ensure that this covers use of email and social network websites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Once you have drafted such rules you then to enforce them. There is no use drafting up policies if nobody knows about them, so you need to clearly communicate what the policy is and ensure that all staff agree the terms. Also illustrate action taken against repeat offenders. Using the internet at work is fine providing it is done in moderation and only when time allows, however it must not get in the way of work or productivity; so ensuring you have rules and procedures in place will hopefully prevent the issue becoming a problem for your business.

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