Important Tax Dates

Peninsula Team

October 22 2010


We are now just over half way through the current tax year 2010/11. So this seems a good time to remind you of some important dates for both businesses and individuals that you may want to put in your diary covering the current tax year

31 October 2010

The last day for filing 2010 self assessment returns for individuals and partnerships in paper format.
After this date H M Revenue & Customs will not accept 2010 self assessment tax returns other than by online filing. If you do not use the services of an accountant and have not registered with HMRC for online filing you will need to do so as soon as possible by going to

31 January 2011

Last day for submitting the 2010 self assessment tax return. If you have not already submitted your return you will have now have to do so online at as paper returns can not be submitted after 31 October 2010. Failure to submit return by this date will result in automatic penalty of £100.

Tax Payment Date. Any self assessment tax due (income or capital gains tax) for the tax year ended 5 April 2010 must be paid by this date to avoid charges to interest for late payment. In addition the first self assessment payment on account of tax estimated as payable for the year 20010/11 falls due.

28 February 2011

Tax Surcharge Date. You will be automatically charged a 5% surcharge on any self assessment tax outstanding for the year ended 5 April 2010 on this date. This charge is in addition to interest that will already have been accruing.

6 April 2011

2011/12 Self Assessment Returns issued. The start of the new tax year sees the issue of the self assessment returns or if you have filed electronically in previous years a statutory notice to complete a return rather than a form itself.

19 April 2011

Employer PAYE Payments. For those who employ staff any outstanding PAYE and Class 1 national insurance contributions (NIC) for the 2010/11 tax year must be settled in full to avoid interest and potential penalties.

The 19th of each month though out the year represents the due date for PAYE/NIC/CIS payments for deductions made in the previous calendar month. Also the due date for the submission of monthly CIS returns.

19 May 2011

Employers (regardless of how many employees they have) have to file their 2010/11 Employers Annual return (P35) Online. This is the last date for the submission of forms P35/P14. Penalties are chargeable on any forms received after this date – the penalties are automatic for any return received after 24 May.

31 May 2011

The last day for employers to provide employees with forms P60 (Certificates of Pay & Tax deducted) for the 20010/11 tax year.

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