Improving teamwork in the workplace

David Price – CEO of Health Assured

July 28 2015

Alone we are strong, but together we are stronger.  In the fast paced world of business, creating a productive and positive work environment is a top priority for most organisations. Regardless of the industry sector, collaborating with others is a typical component of any working day. Joining together to work as a cohesive unit often produces better results than the efforts of an individual employee. Despite this, encouraging teamwork amongst co-workers can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, with issues such as disagreements about a project or personal disputes hindering the facilitation of positive team dynamics. As a business owner or manager you will encounter individual employees who resist the idea of the working alongside their colleagues, however taking steps to encourage these individuals and the rest of your staff to adopt a pro teamwork mind-set will only serve to benefit your company in the long run. Facilitating communication amongst your employees by encouraging them to share thoughts and ideas with their colleagues is the first step to building a collaborative working environment.  Create specific areas where employees can gather to discuss the progress of current projects, whilst generating ideas for future assignments.  To drive teamwork in individuals who prefer to work alone, set up challenging team based goals that will encourage employees to push themselves and build upon their knowledge through supporting and assisting their co-workers.  Not only will this be extremely productive, but it will also encourage them to share their successes. If existing disputes in the workplace are impeding successful teamwork such as a negative co-worker, create a clear set of guidelines that will help employees resolve the situation swiftly and effectively. Encourage employees to speak directly to their colleagues regarding the issue, however make it clear that any discussion they have should revolve around finding a solution to the problem and not creating further issues. Finally, recognition is sometimes the biggest reward in the workplace. If a team demonstrates success in a group project reward them for their efforts. This may include giving public praise for their work or establishing a company incentive program that rewards employees who perform well with small tokens of appreciation such as a gift or social outing. Encouraging successful teamwork amongst your employees is not an overnight task, but taking steps such as the ones outlined above will help stimulate a positive change in employee’s attitudes towards collaborating with their colleagues. Contact my team for further advice and guidance on the issue, call 0808 278 0734.

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