Inexpensive ways to motivate your employees

Peninsula Team

June 29 2012

It is important that during this economic climate that your employees are motivated within the workplace.  Motivated employees will help the overall success of your business as they will thrive to achieve the goals set by management. The worry for most organisations is how much it costs to effectively motivate your employees. Well the good news is that you don’t need to worry about spending enormous amounts of money on motivation.  Here are some simple and inexpensive ways to motivate your employees. 

• Allow your employees to have their say.  A simple but effective way to motivate opens communication between employees and employers.   This can take form in many different ways one suggestion would be a people forum, were a group of employees will get together with members of the management team to debate current work issues.  Employees will feel valued if they have influence over their own work and this will create an increased level of job satisfaction.

• Try praising your staff when goals have been achieved. We are all too quick to highlight poor performance but how many people are quick to praise a job well done?    A simple thank you can go a long way towards showing your appreciation. Praise employees in front of their peers so as to motivate others to do well. The results can be impressive!

• Recognition, why not let employees say good things about their colleagues. Thank you note could be placed on the notice board on a monthly basis. You could introduce small rewards for highest targets or goals achieved. These do not need to be expensive but could be a box of chocolates, gift voucher or a bit of a fuss made over them.   If your employees have targets you could allow them half an hour time off in lieu for meeting objectives in recognition of their high productivity.

• Introduce somewhere for your employees to relax. Do they have somewhere to go to relax on their break? Is the workplace, clean and tidy? A good working environment motivates employees. Would you want to come to work every day to a dark, gloomy, untidy workplace? The answer I am sure is no. So, why would employees?  

• Career Progression, Do your employees have the chance to develop within their career? Employees can be motivated by knowing that they can develop within their role. Yes, training and development can be costly but not always. Show interest in their personal development.  A good training programme can include shadowing employees already doing the job presenting a minimal cost to the company. A mentor can also help motivate them in their current role so as to benefit the overall company.    

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