Internal Employment Law Training Courses - What Can We Offer You?

Peninsula Team

August 13 2010

I am often asked by clients what are the benefits to them of releasing staff to attend training courses. Training and development should be an integral part of any company, big or small. If it is not a priority, untrained employees can cause serious errors in the workplace that could ultimately cost you business and therefore profits, which could potentially lead to you going out of business. In my experience employees develop a greater sense of self-worth and feel valued, becoming more motivated, if time as well as resources are invested in their personal development. I have found that even investing a small amount of time, lets say an hour a week, with your employees will give you immediate payback. Training can help keep your business competitive within the marketplace. Whether you’re mastering new technical developments in your sector, making the best use of IT, improving your customer service or increasing efficiencies, training keeps your employees skills up to date and makes sure you stay ahead of the competition. The Government Equalities Office recently announced that the core employment provisions of the Equality Act 2010 will come into force in October 2010 in Great Britain (the Act does not extend to Northern Ireland). This will itself prompt questions from managers about what they need to do. Training gives your employees the skills and awareness to do their jobs effectively, and the initiative and ambition to drive your business forward. All Peninsula’s clients are invited to attend our practical and interactive training courses. The courses are designed to enable participants to handle common employment issues that may arise in a professional and positive manner. Please check out event schedule where you will find a list of dates and locations where our training courses are taking place, accompanied by a booking form.

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