Invest in employee training, however be careful to ensure you protect your investment

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

May 26 2015

A happy workforce ensures that you have a productive environment which is good for both your employees and your business. Keep your employees happy by providing them with the training and knowledge needed to get on with the job. This will ensure staff have the resources to perform the job role to the best of their ability. In addition your employees will feel that they are valued and that you are interested in their future and development. It is worth remembering that if you invest time and money in your staff you should have a clear HR policy in-place that protects the investment you make. For example, you could introduce a clause to say that the employee is required to reimburse the cost of training if they leave your employment after a short period after the training takes place. In addition when job advertising and hiring ensure that you make it clear in advertisements and in the interview that, as a business, you invest time and  training in developing the skills of those individuals that show potential. Candidates will learn that you are serious about developing a workplace culture where everyone is valued and has the potential to enhance their skills and experience. This will hopefully encourage higher calibre candidates, those who are serious about their own future and of course the business itself. Investing and developing the skills of your workforce is naturally going to be good for business however, however you need to be careful that you invest in the right resources. For example, enrolling an employee on a course that they have requested may not be best suited for the job role that they are performing, so it is important that you match the job with the skills needed to develop the role. You need to ensure that as a business you gain from the newly acquired skills that the employee inherits. Finally regularly monitor how the employee feels, this can be through the means of an appraisal or simply an informal chat. Two way communication between the employee and their manager is essential because it allows you, as their employer, to discuss progress made whilst providing advice and guidance on areas that need extra focus. Do remember to give praise when deserved, this will be paramount in boosting morale and confidence. Finally it is an ideal opportunity to discuss how the newly acquired skills of the employee are making a difference to both the individual and your business. Ensuring employees have the right tools and skills needed to perform the job is essential for your business but can also boost confidence and morale of the employee. However ensure safeguards are in place to protect your investment which also help to ensure newly trained employees do not simply “jump ship” and go to work for a competitor.

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