Labour's 170 Brexit Questions

Peninsula Team

October 12 2016

The Labour Party has created a list of questions on Brexit that it has posed to David Davis, the Minister for Exiting the EU, asking what the Conservative Government intend to do with main areas of Government policy in light of the EU Exit. There are 170 questions (one for every day between now and the Prime Minister’s self-imposed deadline for triggering Article 50 at the end of March 2017) including six on employment rights and 15 on the free movement of people. The questions on employment rights request guarantees from the government that:
  • Current EU laws remain in place after the Exit and will not be changed
  • No existing laws will be ‘put on the table’ to ensure good trade deals with other countries
  • The Government will enshrine recent ECJ case law judgments into law
  • Specific employment rights for women e.g. maternity leave and protection from discrimination will remain the long-term
  • Compensation in discrimination claims will not be capped
Labour also asked whether the Government will match any employment law changes introduced by the EU after the Brexit so that UK workers are in a comparable position to other EU workers. One particular question about the free movement of people simply asks how the Government will manage migration after ruling out a points-based system for new EU workers who want to enter and work in the UK. It's unlikely that the Government will respond to the questions, but they are helpful in that they appear to provide a succinct summary of the main worries relating to Brexit and employment rights. It also gives us an insight into what Labour may do if they are successful in the next General Election.

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