Look At International Press To Gain Marketing & PR Inspiration

Peninsula Team

May 07 2010

If you are looking for some creative ideas whether it be PR or marketing then take a look at what our international friends are doing. I subscribe to a number of international publications and periodicals, such as The New York Times, The Washington
and I am often surprised to discover some excellent PR and marketing ideas.

Obviously it is not best practice to start copying and pasting what has been achieved elsewhere but it does no harm to gain inspiration and can often provide excellent food for thought. High-brow and specialist publications will often highlight when a company is trying a new or innovative approach to business and it is good to learn about these early so that you can implement any successful ideas that you believe could aid your business.

Adopting new concepts and approaches can provide a breath of fresh air and provide inspiration for your staff as they consider you a more forward thinking business. Youll find many US publications free to subscribe to, although there is talk that the New York Times will become a paid subscription service, so take advantage of the free content whilst you can.

Remember to sign up to publication email syndication services and get business headlines emailed to your inbox. Even better, subscribe to RSS feeds and use free software such as Google Reader to grab those all important business headlines and industry features as they happen. Hopefully it will provide you with inspiration and propel your marketing and PR practices.

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