Make the first ten minutes of your working day count.

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

February 02 2015

The first ten minutes of the day, in my opinion, are the most important and there are a number of reasons as to why you should utilise this time effectively. Personally I take the time to plan my day, helping identify what tasks I need to complete - it really does set the tone. Planning for the day ahead allows me to be better organised; I can time manage and immediately know what tasks need my attention. It also prevents me from forgetting tasks, plus any jobs that I don’t get the time to complete can get reassigned for the next day, again taking time out first thing allows me to determine what still needs to be achieved. These key moments can really help determine what is important for the day; get into the habit of taking time out to identify your priorities and you will find they assist in making better use of your time. For many entrepreneurs and bosses - the first ten minutes of the day can be the most stressful. You may have a pile of emails to respond to, deadlines that have been sent in overnight, a cranky co-worker… make sure that you find the time to look at the priorities that are important to you. I also make it a priority to take time out in the morning to communicate with staff, giving them a few moments of your time can make a difference. You will also be able to identify whether they seem motivated and engaged with the job they are doing. You can assess energy levels and job satisfaction, which will make it easier to identify any problem areas - hopefully allowing you to resolve any issues early on. Taking time to talk to your employees, especially those that would not normally be on your radar, can make a real difference. It shows you care about their welfare and can have a positive impact on their morale.

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