Making Health and Safety a priority when recruiting

Peninsula Team

February 25 2014

If we are to believe our political masters, the financial institutions and the media, we are well on the way to financial recovery which is positive news that hopefully tempers the massive challenges that huge areas of the country face following the recent floods. We have noticed more and more of our clients feeling positive and are looking to employ more staff. Whilst I do not want to have any negative thoughts in this area the HSE have produced some interesting statistics about workplace accidents following this and previous economic downturns and recoveries. When businesses have looked to recruit, a significant number of those new employees are young and inexperienced. Their evidence has identified that this type of employee is THREE times more likely to be killed or seriously injured than their more experienced work colleagues. The challenge for all employers is to do their best to try and ensure these incidents do not arise. More and more employers are taking their health and safety responsibilities seriously, have an effective health and safety management system in place, and are looking to continually improve, a large proportion with our assistance and support. How can employers deal with this situation simply?
  • Ensure all new recruits are properly inducted into the business.
  • Give them appropriate training to undertake their tasks safely and follow correct (safe) working procedures.
  • Ensure they are properly supervised and supported in their new environment.
  • Consider a “buddy” to look out for them during their first few weeks in the job.
  • Meet with them regularly to ensure they are fully engaged; understand their job and any associated risks.
  • Encourage them to take safety seriously and lead by example.
We are all committed to making sure the economic recovery continues. We need to ensure that safety performance also continues to improve and new employees, being the most vulnerable, in a workplace get the help and support they need to help grow your business. With their help and commitment working in a safe and healthy environment the fragile economic recovery will become reality. If we can help in any way, or you want to discuss employing young people please ring our advice team on: 0844 892 2772 Option 2.

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