New Additions To The BusinessWise Service

Peninsula Team

September 23 2009

We are delighted to confirm some of the exciting developments to Peninsula’s fantastic online service, BusinessWise, which will further enhance the value-added benefits available exclusively to our clients. This service currently offers a great set of essential features to help employers in the day-to-day management of health & safety and staffing within their business - and from October 2009 the service will get even better!

Email Alerts

A simple but powerful notification by email’ feature: To inform individual users that information is waiting for them when they next login to the service, a notification email is automatically sent when a new Message is generated within their BusinessWise account. This ensures the user does not miss the important information the message may contain. Where we notify our users, for example - that current rates of National Minimum Wage have been updated, an email alert will ensure you are made aware there is a reason to login to your account. Based on client feedback, the Email Alert will be a brand new opt-in’ feature, and as such a new page within the My Account Details area of the My Account’ page will allow each user to control what notifications are generated/sent to them - ensuring that all our users need never miss an important issue or deadline in the future.

SafetyWise Responsibility Planner

Current users of this easy-to-use feature, which provides an indispensable tool for keeping track of reoccurring Health, Safety & Welfare obligations, will already appreciate the essential assistance it provides. Latest developments will allow users not only to set up reoccurring obligations, but also to set up and assign One-Off Jobs’ via the Planner, meaning this feature can be used to ensure essential jobs associated with the health, safety & welfare of your workplace are not forgotten. This is made even easier with the availability of the new SafetyWise Outstanding Responsibilities’ Report which will also be available to appropriate users to assist with important tasks and to help our clients to manage Health & Safety matters easily and effectively.

SafetyWise Accident Statistics Report

This simple to use Management Information Report will be available to users in order to provide a summary of the Accidents logged via BusinessWise giving an overview and graphical representation of the different type(s) of accidents that have been logged within a specified date range.

These are just some of the key developments we will be releasing to BusinessWise this Autumn, to find out more please contact our Helpdesk or alternatively keep an eye on what is changing via the News feed within BusinessWise. If you are not yet a Peninsula client and would like to take advantage of these and the host of other great features available in this ever-evolving service, please contact us on 0800 328 9348 and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help.

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