How often should I update my HR documentation?

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

March 23 2015

Look closely at your contracts of employment, your HR documentation and ask yourself when were they last updated? Are they fully compliant with current and forthcoming changes in employment legislation? I strongly recommend that you undertake an annual audit of your documentation, look at the rules you have in place, do they cover growing trends such as social media policies, bullying and harassment rules etc? If not then these are the areas that you need to examine and address, you need to ensure they are included in your documentation. When changes occur and employee documentation is updated then you need to ensure that your staff are aware of what the changes are and what it means to them. You cannot change terms and conditions without the consent of your workforce, you have to keep them informed because it may well impact their employment rights. So to summarise, check your HR documentation make sure it complies fully with employment law. Review what new legislation is proposed and ensure your documentation will be fully compliant, if not address with your staff and make the necessary amends. Finally whenever you have any significant workplace changes, acquisitions, major policy changes, then again liaise with staff and ensure your documentation is updated. Employment tribunals are won in the workplace and having watertight policies and procedures that are regularly updated is essential. Contact the Peninsula Advice Service if you need any further assistance in ensuring your HR documentation is both up to date and compliant, call 0844 892 2772. 

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