Peninsula BusinessWise Get Access To Your Employment Documentation

Peninsula Team

January 29 2010

The success, or otherwise, of ongoing employment relationships can be influenced by a number of factors with some being easier to manage and control than others; having consistency in your approach to all members of your workforce will certainly allow you to maintain control and can often reduce any doubt or confusion about what is expected from you or your employees in the course of the working relationship.

At Peninsula we are keen to provide any support and assistance we can to our clients in achieving this. From the availability of our Advice Service 24 hours a day, year round to the fantastic management features available within BusinessWise, we want our clients to have the right tools available to help maintain effective employment relationships.

A key way of helping to achieve this is by having the important aspects of these relationships set down in writing. The Employment Services available from Peninsula include the production of legally-compliant, commercially focused employment documentation and these documents include, but may not be limited to, individual Statements of Main Terms and wider, more generic Employee Handbooks which clearly state the requirements and expectations of both parties.

Once produced, in accordance with your instructions and the sanction of our qualified Consultants, these documents are always available to you on-demand via your BusinessWise account - Peninsula’s online service exclusively available to our retained clients.

To ensure any new members of staff can be issued with legally-compliant documentation within the first week of employment it is simple and easy to download these documents as and when you need them; ensuring your legal obligations are met and that it is made clear from the outset what you expect from your employees and what they can expect from you.

These features are provided to assist our clients in the day to day challenges of managing a business and support and enhance the advice and consultancy available from Peninsula Business Services. For more information please visit and click Contact Us.

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