Peninsula BusinessWise - Tutorial Series - Helping you get the most from your online service

Peninsula Team

January 29 2010

These step-by-step guides to using the online tools available from Peninsula are designed to help you to make the most of the functionality within Peninsulas exclusive client service BusinessWise. These features are provided to our retained clients to assist in the effective management of employment relationships and ongoing Health & Safety responsibilities - enhancing and supporting the Consultancy and Advice services we offer in these key areas. In this tutorial > Accessing the Employment Reference Manual On demand access to an essential reference point for all aspects of HR means consistently up to date information on employment law issues is available 24 / 7. Users never need to be confused by ‘what the law says’ about any aspect of the employment relationship, including the requirements of the Working Time Regulations legislation. Accessing the information contained within the Employment Reference Manual could not be easier. 1. Login to your BusinessWise account 2. Navigate to the EmployWise section by clicking on the tab on the grey navigation bar (under the BusinessWise logo) on screen: 3. Once in the EmployWise section, the static menu bar gives you access to all of the EmployWise tools quickly and easily. This menu bar is organised into three sections: Employees; Advice and Documents. The Employment Reference Manual option can be located in the right-hand section (Documents) of this menu: click on Employment Reference Manual. 4. The Employment Reference Manual is grouped into sections or chapters covering all aspects of the employment relationship. To open a chapter, simply click on the subject you are interested in. In this example we are navigating to the ‘Employment Rights’ chapter in order to view information relating to working time. 5. Once you have located the page you are interested in, click on the link and the reading panel for the section of the Employment Reference is displayed on-screen. Here you can also ‘Bookmark’ the page or print a copy if needed. To navigate further within the Employment Reference Manual simply click on the Options bar. All the features within BusinessWise are provided to assist our clients in the day to day challenges of managing a business and support and enhance the advice and consultancy available from Peninsula Business Services. For more information please visit or call our dedicated Helpdesk on 0844 892 2780.

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