Peninsula hosts launch of BIS Mediation Pilot

Peninsula Team

April 12 2013

The Manchester arm of the Government mediation pilot held its grand launch event at the Peninsula Head Office this week, attended by Richard Boyd, a Government representative of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Peninsula has eagerly tracked this pilot since day one and was delighted to be accepted by BIS to take part.

Mediation is an informal method of alternative dispute resolution which the Government recognised as being hugely underused. Essentially, it is the process of parties in dispute e.g. two managers within a business, due to a personality clash for example, just do not get on with each other to the detriment of the business, coming together to discuss their dispute. A mediator will use special skills to help the parties explore their issues, facilitate conversation between them and bring them to agreement.

In one of its many attempts to avoid claims going to tribunal, the Government made the decision to raise awareness of mediation and establish local networks of businesses across the country who were willing to offer their staff to conduct mediation in other businesses that were also accepted into the network.

The launch was attended by representatives of all companies within the Northwest pilot, together with expert mediators from Consensio Ltd and Richard Boyd. All attendees felt it was highly successful in building a clear picture of how the scheme will be taken forward so that it reaches its aim of being a self-sustained professional mediation network.

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By Nicola Mullineux

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