Peninsula Q&A: How To Get 110 Percent Out Of Your Employees

Peninsula Team

November 05 2010

Im trying to make the point to my employees that whilst we are on a financial upturn as a company; we need to remain as cost effective as possible. I need 110% commitment from workforce, how do I get this point across to my team.

Regardless of the size of your business you need people who will go that extra mile. The commitment and engagement of an employee is something they can offer but is not part of their contract of employment. People will work only as hard as they have to, in order to get paid.

During this current time of change, where businesses are forced to make spending cuts, it is important that the positive changes include the workforce and create an environment where employees are engaged and committed to the organisation. This is important because you get more from your people than just job satisfaction; you get people who will demonstrate that they are willing to go above and beyond your expectations.

How does an organisation achieve this? Quite simply you need to become more sustainable through good Management Practice. It is the leaders that will be responsible for taking their colleagues with them in meeting the business objectives. If you have disgruntled employees who are not engaged, calling in sick or spending more time on breaks, this can have a massive cost to your business and it means that the business is poorly led.

The importance of employee engagement means that those individuals will as a consequence, recognise the business brand, promote it and crucially protect the business from poor levels of service and product quality.

Consider 2 factors for getting 110% from your employees in a successful way:

• have a vision of the business objectives and look at how that is going to be achieved; and

• model the way by having shared and expected behaviours from your employees and leaders and communicate what that looks like.

With all this in mind you need to make sure you have a blueprint of the expected high performance behaviours needed to make success happen and celebrate them. Measurement of the expected behaviours through employee and client surveys will provide you with the information you need, at this stage you have your sign posts for improvement.

Remember the success of your business depends on everyone contributing to this.

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