Peninsula Face2Face - How mediation can help the employment relationship

Peninsula Team

August 06 2015

Peninsula Face2Face continues to grow and more clients are realising how invaluable this new service can be for them. We have witnessed a significant increase of instances whereby the involvement of Peninsula Face2Face has resulted in helping to repair the employment relationship. This is in spite of that that there are still a number of meetings conducted by Peninsula Face2Face consultants that result in the breaking of the employment relationships (either by way of recommending a dismissal following a disciplinary hearing or by mutual termination of the employment by way of a settlement agreement). Trust and confidence between employee and employer is vital and it can take a long time to rebuild bridges once the relationship has been damaged. Mediation is an area of real growth, both within Employment Law generally and as part of the Peninsula Face2Face Service. At Peninsula Face2Face, we have a team of professionally trained Mediators who can conduct a full day’s mediation at your premises. The current success rate of the service is now over 90%. Mediation sessions can be between yourself and your employee, between two employees, or even between fellow Directors/Managers. The ultimate aim is to find an amicable resolution to the matter and propose practical and workable solutions that enable you to move your business forward. Mediation can help with a wide range of disputes, from the potentially serious to matters that seem much more trivial. We mediated in one complaint where the main source of contention was “employee A failed to make me a cup of tea”! As strange as it sounds, these trivial matters can escalate quickly and may result in lengthy grievance procedures (including the possibility of counter grievances, collective grievances, appeals and even formal disciplinary action). Of course, when this happens, the costs and time involved can spiral out of control, and the risk of resignations and constructive dismissal claims rises. Mediation is intended to prevent a formal grievance procedure being initiated. One session of Peninsula Face2Face mediation could therefore effectively ‘nip the problem in the bud’ and, by doing so, make employees see the other side’s point of view and crucially, save your business a significant amount of time, stress, money and wasted resources in having to address matters formally. For further information on how Peninsula Face2Face can help you and your business, please call a member of the Peninsula Face2Face team a call on 0844 892 3911. Joseph Kemp Head of Peninsula Face2Face

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