Peninsula's new Health and Safety 'Site Evaluation Report'

Peninsula Team

September 09 2009

Here at PBS we are committed to the regular review and improvement to the products and services that we offer our clients. Reflecting that commitment our Health and Safety Department has made significant improvements to the reports sent to clients following a consultancy visit.

We recognise the additional demands and issues that face employers in the current financial climate and have made changes to our reports so that clients can more easily understand the shortfalls in their management of health and safety and subsequently identify and prioritise any actions that they may need to take. We hope that this new format will enable clients to focus on business priorities, whilst still remaining vigilant on all aspects of health, safety and welfare.

Our Consultants visit your premises to assist with your management of health and safety matters. They are not “Inspectorsâ€, though some clients may feel that they are. It is true that some were inspectors before they came to Peninsula but our consultancy visits cover a wider perspective than a health and safety inspector.

The first thing we have changed is the title from that of Inspection Report’. The Consultant’s role is to look at what the client and their workforce do, while at work, and assess the effectiveness of their management of health, safety and welfare. They then advise their client on how their management of health and safety could be improved. Our new report identifies those areas where safety management needs to be challenged and suggests practical solutions, thereby protecting employees and others in the workplace. We hope that by concentrating on the management of health, safety and welfare rather than hazard spotting, the client’s managers and supervisors will better understand how to improve standards within the business.

The content of the new Site Evaluation Report is much simpler than the old report and includes an Action Plan which will be agreed between the Consultant and the client’s representative before the Consultant leaves the site.

There are two parts to the Action Plan;

  • Part 1. Matters that are of significant concern and should be addressed within 6 weeks from the date of visit; and
  • Part 2. Matters that should be part of a planned schedule of improvements.

Be sure that no matters are ignored.

The Action Plan is accompanied by a letter describing who and what was seen during the visit along with a summary of positive observations noted by the consultant. This will normally include details of statutory examinations carried out, relevant certificates issued and other issues demonstrating the efforts being made by the client and their managers to conform to legislation and good practice. The letter forms an executive summary’ of what was seen on the day of the visit. The Action Plan setting out issues and matters needing attention can be copied and issued to individual managers and supervisors who need to take specific action to improve compliance.

The whole report will, we hope, make it easier to understand and implement the guidance and recommendations and improve your overall management of health and safety.

Although we will be encouraging clients to receive the report either by email or online through their BusinessWise account, hard copy reports will be available for those who wish it.

We are confident that all of our clients will find the new style both easier to read and easier to identify and delegate responsibility throughout the business. We are sure that it will help you achieve the benefits from effective health and safety management and the improved well-being of those who work for you.

Now that all of our consultants and our service and support teams have been trained in preparation of the new reports clients can expect to receive them with effect from September 2009.

If you would like to access the new consultancy form call the Health & Safety Advice Service on 0844 892 2785 and our consultants will arrange for one to be delivered.

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