Peninsulas Seminars: What Can We Offer You?

Peninsula Team

July 30 2010

When it comes to Employment Law and Health & Safety, understanding the latest legislation or common pitfalls is not that easy. Sometimes people think they know the answers, but do they?

At Peninsula, we run a fantastic seminar programme across the UK. As valued readers of the Bottom Line Express, we would like to offer you the opportunity to take advantage of our seminars to benefit of your clients, business associates or even business prospects.

Working in partnership with you, we offer an expert insight into the world of Employment Law and Health & Safety through our professionally presented seminars. We leave our audiences with a clearer understanding of their legal requirements, changes in legislation and solutions to prevent litigation action. In addition to this, we demonstrate how applying a Best Business practise model to your organisation can help avoid many unwanted employee problems and legal issues.

Peninsula’s seminar programme is simple, yet hugely effective. Our offer is to run an event with you in your local area, taking care of all the arrangements (such as venue & refreshment costs, invites/mailings and registrations). We will also provide one of our skilled market leading presenters, who will deliver a captivating and highly informative presentation, which can truly be described as invaluable and essential to all businesses today.

Alternatively, if you have an existing event in your calendar, from an AGM to conference or exhibition, we can provide one of our highly sort after speakers (again, free of charge), to deliver a bespoke presentation, targeting Employment Law or Health & Safety issues which are specific areas of concern/interest to your audience.

To find out more and to take advantage of this exciting opportunity, please email We look forward to hearing from you!

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