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Peninsula Team

March 25 2011

Did you know that UK businesses have an average of 4 employees? Are you a small business owner or director? With opinion leaders, lobby spokesmen and entrepreneurs vocalising the need for a ‘budget for growth’ it’s hard to avoid the media reports of how the Government plans to support the SMEs and re-activate the economy from the bottom up. The Chancellor is now making tentative steps to put initiatives in place to provide stability and actively support the growth of small businesses. A fundamental part of this growth plan will be guiding small businesses through the mine-field that is employment law. At Peninsula we understand how complicated and overwhelming it can be when dealing with employment law. We also know that increasing staff numbers is key to growing your business. What you really don't need, with limited available resources, are the often tricky issues of HR and employment law as well as health and safety interfering with running your business day in day out. A possible solution is the Small Business Service from Peninsula, for businesses with 5 staff or less. Expert advice for employers For just £65 per month the Peninsula Small Business Service, reserved for businesses with 5 employees or under, will take away the strain of dealing with HR, employment law & health and safety, allowing you to focus on what is important to you; growing your business. For a fixed monthly fee, we are able to provide you with complete peace of mind that all your employment law advice and human resources issues are being dealt with in an efficient way. Protecting your business is our business. Writing up employment documentation, such as main terms of employment, is just one aspect provided by our Small Business Service. We also update the documentation we provide as and when new legislation is implemented. We can ensure that you are geared up for growth and Peninsula will support you through every step of the way, no matter how simple or routine your query or concern may be. Advice and support The representation costs incurred at any employment tribunal are also covered by the insurance we take out for you. All of this is available, backed up by our 24/7 Advice Service, offering you peace of mind around the clock, for a monthly cost of just £65. The Small Business Package can be purchased directly from our secure website It just takes a few minutes to follow the simple steps and you can benefit from immediate support and guidance from the team of experts at Peninsula. For more information in the Small Business Service please call Peninsula today on 0844 892 2476 or visit our website

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