Plants - adding to the office feel good factor

David Price – CEO of Health Assured

March 15 2016

Spring is finally on its way, and with that comes a fresher and brighter outlook on the months ahead as the weather mellows and the days become more colourful. Part and parcel of the arrival of spring is the introduction of blooming foliage which not only looks great, but has multiple health benefits. Bringing plants into office spaces not only creates a natural and aesthetically pleasing look indoors, but can also help improve the overall mood and sense of wellbeing of your employees. Plants offer a visually-meditative environment that, ultimately, leads to happier and healthier employees who are more productive. Although it may seem minor to place so much emphasis on the decorative features of a space, it is these small changes that can really make a difference to staff morale and absenteeism. Health Improvements There are many man-made toxins within an office environment that are created by plastics, paint, furniture, carpets, and certain cleaning products. Plants in the office improve air quality by removing these harmful pollutants in the air whilst stabilising humidity levels. This will help deter illnesses, such as colds and tickly coughs, from spreading around the office which in turn will reduce absenteeism. Aside from their physiological effects, plants have also been known to help significantly reduce stress levels by introducing a more calming and soothing atmosphere. Mood Enhancers One lesser known advantage of plants is their ability to reduce ambient noise within an office, as much as 5 decibels. Background noise, which could otherwise be distracting, is reduced allowing employees to concentrate on their work. What plants work best? Keeping plants in an office environment requires some forethought, you don’t want to choose plants that are going to require a lot of attention. Due to certain office environmental conditions such as air conditioning, periods where the office is empty and maintenance you will want to choose plants that are fairly low maintenance. Examples of plants that will thrive in an office environment include:
  • Aloe
  • Spider plants
  • Cactus
  • Succulents
  • Ivy
  • Rubber plant
  • Peace lily

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