Preventing HR issues from escalating

Peninsula Team

June 24 2015

Employers are often faced with complaints or issues presented to them by employees which, on the face of it, appear to be trivial. In the ever-busy world of work trivial matters are often not dealt with and can be swept to the side or ignored, with the employer believing that a time will appear in the future when they can sit down and deal with this. A delay in dealing with the issue at the time it is presented can cause an escalation of the problem in the employee’s mind, but, they don’t bring it up again because they know it will be ignored and then, suddenly, the employer is faced with papers from Acas informing them that a claim is being brought against them. Peninsula Advice Service can help to eliminate this. Peninsula understand that any issue, however trivial it appears at first instance, has the potential to escalate. We encourage our clients that no matter what form the issue takes they should contact us and we can help and support to solve the problem at the level it has been presented at. An important part of our service is that we offer 24 Hour Advice and this enables us to be available at whatever time the issue crops up, be it day or night, so that it can be addressed there and then. Our experienced advice consultants can support on the steps an employer needs to take to identify which issues can be solved easily at an informal level and which are necessary to address on a formal level, such as grievances. Grievances are often the first sign that something is going wrong in the workplace and, a failure to address these, has the potential for the employee to show that they have lost trust and confidence in the employer which affords them the right to resign and claim constructive dismissal. The Peninsula Advice Service can guide you through the grievance procedure, offering helpful tips and supporting documentation along the way. Where the trivial issue concerns employees being in dispute with each other, i.e. a clash with the workplace relationship or personality, Peninsula offer a mediation service where a qualified independent mediator can attend your business and bring the parties together in a confidential environment to discuss the dispute. The mediator will encourage the parties to explore their issues, converse with each other and aim to bring them in to an agreement, stopping these disputes from escalating in to a tribunal claim. If you need any clarification on this issue then contact the Peninsula Advice Service on 0844 892 2772.

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