Protecting your business against employees misusing the internet

Peninsula Team

July 23 2013

In this modern day there are numerous distractions for employees, from smart phones to the plethora of social media websites available on the internet today. You pay your employees to work not waste company time or money. To what extent you go to protect yourself, would largely depend on your budget, type and size of business. The very first steps would be to get your internet & email usage policies designed and implemented. Your policies must clearly set out what is and isn’t acceptable and also what the consequences are if an employee choses to breach those policies. Another simple idea is to have one or 2 PC’s available in a communal area in where it is acceptable to use the internet at break times away from the employee’s desk. This can be set up with direct access to the internet, away from your internal network to remove any threats you might have from open access. This will also largely be seen as a benefit to your employees. Because we take the security of our systems incredibly seriously, we have to go a step further and use tools which can block access to groups of sites and allow us to run reports on usage, sites visited, data consumed etc. We also use software which monitors activity on any PC. Using this software we can replay the user’s steps at any point in time. This is very useful for any sort of investigation which involves misuse of email & internet. Going back to my point at the top of the article any such monitoring should be explicit in your company handbook or you could find yourself in trouble for infringing on someone’s privacy. If you need any help or would like further assistance regarding internet policies, then please contact us on 0844 892 2772. By Jon Cleaver

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