Recruiting staff but not sure where to start? BusinessWise offers the ideal solution!

Peninsula Team

August 12 2009

Recruiting staff can be a time-consuming process, and in the current economic climate it is vitally important to get it right, but with the correct knowledge and tools to hand it can be an efficient and productive process.

Peninsula BusinessWise provides a range of documents on demand which can structure and support your recruitment process. These documents, which can be downloaded when needed, provide a useful resource when recruiting staff to your business - and this means Peninsula's support and assistance is always available via BusinessWise.

The templates available include well-structured Application Forms, along with essential supporting documentation including the Equal Opportunities Monitoring form and the simple but effective Short Listing Form - all of which will help you to ensure your recruitment activities are fair, legally-complaint and non-discriminatory.

In addition to these, our sample Job Description and Personnel Specification templates will help you to have a clear understanding of the vacancy available and the ideal candidate for the role. When it comes to the interviewing stage, our template Interview Rating form will allow you to identify the best candidate within your applicants in a fair and structured manner.

And it doesn’t end there - once you have successfully identified the best candidate from your applicants, you can then use the template documentation available from BusinessWise to seek references for the successful candidate, write to the unsuccessful applicants and even confirm your offer of employment to the successful individual.

Recruitment might seem like a daunting task but the forms and documents available from BusinessWise provide essential structure and guidance to the process - meaning you can soon be welcoming a new member of staff to your business without feeling like its been an ordeal to get them there!

Detailed below is the current list of the Recruitment Forms and Documents available to be downloaded now from the EmployWise area of Peninsula BusinessWise:-


Form AP1(A) - Application for Employment - this two page application for employment is ideal for general use and has limited space for the details to be covered in depth.

Form AP2(A) - Application for Employment - this four page application for employment should be used for professional and managerial vacancies. The questions asked are the same as those in the form AP1 but there is space for details to be covered in greater depth. In addition there is a 'general comments' section for the applicant to expand on the information contained in the form.

Form AP2H(A) - Application for Employment - this application form has been designed for occupations involving access to children/vulnerable adults where previous criminal convictions are exempt from the rehabilitation rules (see Introduction in Recruitment and Selection section of Employment Reference Manual). It asks for all previous convictions to be declared including those which would normally be regarded as "spent". The Policy Statement on the Recruitment of ex-Offenders (found in Other Stationery’ below) should always be issued with this form.

Form EO(A) - Equal Opportunity Monitoring - this form allows employers to clearly state that they are equal opportunity employers and that they monitor the effectiveness of their policy. The ethnic designations used in this form are approved by the Commission for Racial Equality.

Form HQ - Health Questionnaire - this is a sample health questionnaire that may be used in conjunction with the application forms where more detailed health information is required from an applicant.

Form IR - Interview Rating - this form is used to assist in evaluating applicants at interview, and will act as an aide-memoire once all the applicants have been interviewed.

Form SL - Short Listing - this form assists in short-listing applicants for interview. First list the skills, qualifications and other characteristics required for the position and give each completed application form a number. Then go through each application form placing a tick or rating in the appropriate box where the application form shows that an applicant meets each requirement. At the end of the process the applicants with the most ticks or highest ratings are the ones that you should invite to interview.

Other Stationery Documents

Sample Job Description - this describes the tasks and responsibilities that comprise the job. It serves to make clear in the mind of both the employer and the employee just what he or she should be doing and for which he or she is paid. Sample Personnel Specification - this sets out the qualities and abilities required of the successful applicant. Such a profile is an essential element of any selection procedure and identifies the sort of person who would best fill the vacancy.

Sample Holding Letter - this can be used as a temporary measure usually when waiting for an acceptance letter to be received from the successful applicant or until the successful applicant starts in the new job.

Sample Offer Letter (UK) - this is used when a verbal or written offer of employment is made and accepted, a contract exists. Employers are required by law to issue an individual written statement of the main terms of employment within two months of a new employee's commencement date. It is therefore important that the offer letter contains details of the main terms and conditions of employment offered at the interview so that there are no misunderstandings and so that the individual written statement is correct.

Sample Reference Letter - this is used for requesting a reference from an applicant’s previous employer.

Sample Rejection Letter - this is used to advise unsuccessful applicants of the outcome of their application/interview. Rejection letters can be sent at any stage to those applicants who are simply not acceptable, in which case the paragraph commencing “If we may, however...†should be omitted.

Policy Statement - Ex-Offenders (UK) - all organisations using the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and/or Scottish Criminal Records Office (SCRO) and/or AccessNI Disclosure Service to help assess the suitability of applicants for positions of trust, and who are recipients of disclosure information, must comply fully with the CRB/SCRO/AccessNI Code of Practice. Amongst other things this obliges them to have a written policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders. This must be given to all applicants for posts where a disclosure is requested.

The availability of this documentation ably demonstrates how using Peninsula BusinessWise can be a real asset to your organisation. To find out more about how this documentation and other essential content can be accessed by your business go to or call the Peninsula BusinessWise Helpdesk on 0844 892 2780.

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