The right perception of mental health

David Price – CEO of Health Assured

April 13 2015

How should mental health be perceived in the media? A headclutcher? Someone who is in bed ill? Are the signs of mental health that obvious? No they are not, you cannot just simply look at someone and say, “that person has a mental health issue” it’s not that easy, it’s about communication, looking for the signs and being able to offer some sort of solution. I also think it is important of the media to present an image of mental health that can be perceived in the right way, someone clutching their head is not reality, the problem can be one that the employee suffers in silence, it is not always visible. Yet it is not just the media that should refrain from judging, many of us have been guilty at some stage of drawing an opinion on someone, we may do it subconsciously. I liken it to riding in an elevator and someone travels just one floor and people make comment that the individual could have used the stairs - what if that person has a disability that is not clearly obvious? Well for me this is the same with mental health, so assumptions should not be made about someone who is suffering with mental health issues, with help and support they can continue to play an important role in business. They are after all the same as anyone else and at some stage statistics show that many of us will suffer from a mental health issue, whether it be depression or stress. Of course it is at such time we will count on the support of our friends family and work colleagues; so the right perception of mental health is very important.

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