Risk assessments

Peninsula Team

December 20 2017

As a business owner or employer, you must hold regular risk assessments. It’s the law.

Because if you don’t keep people in your organisation safe, you are responsible. That could mean a fine—or even prison.

What a risk assessment involves

A risk assessment is how you identify hazards that may cause harm before taking reasonable steps to prevent them.

It’s difficult, so it’s easy to miss a potential danger. And that’s a big responsibility for any employer to shoulder.

So if you worry about making a mistake or complain that risk assessments take you away from your day job, you’re not alone.

Peninsula gives you the answer. Our risk assessment and documentation service offers the simplest way to protect the public, your people, your business and you.

Risk assessments made easy

Peninsula is the UK’s most trusted health & safety consultancy, keeping the largest number of businesses in the country safe through our risk assessment support.

Here’s how it works in three simple steps:

  1. A top-qualified risk assessment specialist visits your organisation.
  2. We guide you through the entire process, offering our expert eye so you can be sure that you identify all risks and hazards.
  3. You get full documentation, which we make sure you complete correctly.

And while workplace health issues now tend to outweigh safety ones, we still cover everything—from the general work environment to dangers like handling hazardous substances and more.

Fire risk assessment service

The Peninsula fire risk assessment process is similar to a standard risk assessment, but instead of guiding you through it, we do the entire fire risk assessment for you.

For the basic process, one of our specialists visits you to:

  1. Identify hazards that may start a fire; risks such as blocked exits, and who is at risk of fire.
  2. Find ways to reduce or eliminate all risks and hazards.
  3. Record all findings for you to store with your documentation.

It’s our goal to keep you in line with the latest fire safety regulations and protect you from tragedy. With Peninsula, your business stays open and your people stay safe.

Start making your business safer

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