SafetyWise: Setting up different business premises

Peninsula Team

September 09 2012

If you have more than one premises, site or location from which your business operates, you may wish to set-up each of these as an Area within your SafetyWise account. Areas are easy to use and users (with the appropriate access rights) can establish a number of sub-accounts (or Areas). The Health & Safety data associated with each Area can then be controlled as necessary. The setting up of Areas within your SafetyWise account really is straightforward and, to make life even easier, SafetyWise automatically generates ‘Areas’ sub-account reference codes to assist you as much as possible. To access this feature the first step is to ensure you have activated the Areas feature for your account. To do so, click on My Account in the top right of your screen and then click on View Current Users within the Account Maintenance section; Click to choose your name from the list on screen and beneath your user details, ensure the checkbox ‘Tick here to allow this user access to the AREAS section of SafetyWise’ is ticked. Click Save. You will then need to log out and back in again for any change to take effect. Then to access this feature, simply click on the Areas tab in the top-right hand corner of the website. Once the sub-accounts have been set up, you will have the ability to share your risk assessment data and health & safety responsibilities with your Managers across all your sites. On completion of a Risk Assessment, you are offered the option to replicate it to any of your other sites, it then becomes available for a user at said other site to edit to suit their needs. You can also assign your health and safety responsibilities in the same way, by simply setting the responsibility then assigning it to the relevant Manager at the relevant sub-account. The main account administrator can manage the account with a full overview of all health and safety issues across all your sites, whilst site Managers can deal with health and safety issues that are relevant to themselves. What could be simpler? If you are a Peninsula client and are not yet taking advantage of the SafetyWise complimentary service, or you are a SafetyWise user who requires more information on any issue raised in this article, please contact the Helpdesk on 0844 892 2780 Monday – Friday 9am-5.30pm where a member of the team will on hand to assist. SafetyWise offers a range of tools and features to registered users to assist in managing the ongoing obligations associated with running an effective and legally-compliant business and is provided as part of our portfolio of consultancy services. If you are not yet a Peninsula client, simply go to and click on ‘Contact Us’ to get in touch.  

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