SafetyWise: Health and safety management tools

Peninsula Team

December 21 2012

SafetyWise provides you with all the tools you need to effectively manage your day-to-day health and safety issues and demonstrate to enforcement authorities that you are taking your responsibilities serious. Responsibilities Planner: Input your Health & Safety responsibilities and set the reoccurrence of each. In some circumstances it can be very difficult to keep track of these reoccurring responsibilities but the Planner automatically diarizes these, ensuring you never miss an important deadline. Risk Assessments & Fire Risk Assessments: The easy to use, online Risk Assessment and Fire Risk Assessments take you through the assessment process step by step, ensuring you do not miss any crucial information when it comes to addressing the hazards which your organisation comes across day by day. All of the above will generate reminder messages to the secure online messaging system and to your email inbox, ensuring that nothing passes you by unnoticed. Accident Log: Analyses accident trends in your organisation, helping you with prevention rather than cure should the unfortunate occur. Stationery: Get access to any documents which you may require as supporting evidence for your safe systems of work. Checklists are also available to be used alongside specific risk assessments. Guidance Notes: provide industry specific assistance on the current legislation and advice on how to maintain best practice. They also provide assistance when used in conjunction with your Policy which has been set up for your organisation by one of our Business Safety Consultants. As well as the above, you can also ask a question of our Business Safe Advice Team direct from the website. They will be able to view your online risk assessments and answer any questions you may have – ensuring that you have fully understood and are aware of any issues.  

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