SafetyWise: Exciting times ahead

Peninsula Team

March 31 2013

Since SafetyWise was launched in the Summer of 2007 our Business Safety clients have been taking advantage of the essential, user-friendly tools it has to offer. Since then, we have taken feedback from users and our own Business Safety Consultants and upgraded various aspects of the system. The site is unrecognisable now from its infancy with the addition of the Risk Assessment wizard, the Areas feature, the option to replicate Risk Assessments across your company being some of the major changes that we received positive comments about.

In this age of rapidly changing technology, it is no longer sensible to continue with improvement to the existing system. To continue the provision of a first class online system to our clients we have decided to build a new system based on up to the minute IT technology and software. The new system will be able to offer additional services and allow us to take account of your feedback.

So what can you expect from the new system?
  • A brand new Task List which compiles all your required actions in one place
  • An improved Risk Assessment wizard which will automatically place your required actions and review dates will appear in the above Task List.
  • Personal Risk Assessments (such as New and Expectant Mothers) which can be marked as sensitive so as to remain confidential and hidden from other users.
  • You will also be able to create an online Hazardous Substances Inventory and carry out risk assessments against any of these products or substances.
  • An improved Fire Risk Assessment
  • You will also be able to add basic employee data to the system and assign tasks, responsibilities and risk assessments to them
  • A full library of Peninsula’s Guidance Notes, Checklists, Logbooks and forms along with your bespoke Management System with the ability for you to add your own documentation to the system as supporting evidence for risk assessments and photographs to aid accident reporting and investigation.
  • A smartphone app which will communicate with your system and allow you to sign off your responsibilities and report accidents ‘on the go’
This is just a taster of what will be available to you later in the year. The system will remain web-based with no software to download and will be fully secure as you would expect from our online service.

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