SafetyWise: Health & Safety Responsibilities

Peninsula Team

May 18 2012

The Responsibilities Planner allows you to input your Health & Safety responsibilities and set the reoccurrence of each - whether this is every 3 years, every 6 months or every 10 days. In some circumstances it can be very difficult to keep track of these reoccurring responsibilities – but the Planner automatically diarizes these for the foreseeable future, ensuring you never have to miss an important deadline.

Once details of the tasks required to meet the responsibility are entered, these can then be allocated to the BusinessWise user you identify as the ‘responsible person’ within your organization. If your organization is made up of more than one site, you can also replicate the responsibility so that a designated user at each of your premises can carry out the task relevant to them.

Should any of these ‘Responsible Persons’ be on annual leave or away from the business for a while, users with main administration rights can re-assigned to others for this period before being assigned back to the original person as and when required. It’s re-assuring to know that you can still maintain your health and safety responsibilities while employees are enjoying their annual leave and can be up to date as and when you would like to take yours.

The interactive ‘My Messages’ system will still inform you or the allocated person that responsibility is due, providing the recipient with a printable task list, keeping the process simple and convenient. Opting in to the Email Alerts feature will result in an email being sent when the Message is generated, meaning deadlines can be easily identified and managed.

Once these tasks are carried out and the BusinessWise account is updated the system retains a record, providing you with an audit trail: great to assist with the day to day management of your business but even better to allow you to demonstrate to authorities that you are effectively managing the Health & Safety of your workplace. With the addition of the Outstanding Responsibilities Report it has never been easier to manage your ongoing Health & Safety matters.

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