SafetyWise: More Communication, Less Paperwork

Peninsula Team

November 02 2012

With health and safety, communication is key - it’s no good carrying out Risk Assessments if outcomes and actions are not communicated to those within your organisation. If you carry out a Risk Assessment via SafetyWise using the user-friendly online tool, the resulting risk assessment can be emailed throughout your company or accessed by your delegated SafetyWise users. This provides peace of mind knowing that not only have you carried out your legal duty to compile risk assessments, you have also ensured that everybody within your company has been given the opportunity to view them. Risk Assessments carried out on paper can be easily misplaced or damaged meaning that not only may some of your employees not get the opportunity to view them but if you are visited by an Enforcing Authority, you have no documented evidence to suggest you have carried them out. Health and Safety Responsibilities can also be communicated via SafetyWise. If you need to delegate any issues to others within your organisation, simply enter their name and email address onto the system and they will receive email reminders to carry out those tasks they are required to complete. There will be a full electronic audit trail so, again, there will no need to print out any information. All documentation provided by Peninsula can also be accessed online so why not use SafetyWise as your interactive filing cabinet for all your health and safety issues. As well as helping you to be more efficient, it keeps all your information in one place for when our Business Safety Consultant visits you or if you are visited by an Enforcing Authority.

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