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Peninsula Team

April 04 2012

Owners of non-domestic property where business operations are carried out are required, by law, to have a Fire Risk Assessment in place. Some industries, especially those with sleeping arrangements (i.e. Care Homes, Hotels) are required to have these carried out by professionals but in most cases you can carry them out yourself. The thought of completing a Fire Risk Assessment may seem daunting at first but by using the Fire Risk Assessment wizard on SafetyWise (found under the Risk Assessment section) will help you through the process step-by-step ensuring that you have the correct information before it allows you to move on. To begin, the risk assessment will ask for the details of the building, number of people on site, building usage etc. This will summarise all the necessary information which will form the opening of your Fire Risk Assessment. Moving on to the next stage will ask you to identify the potential fire hazards in your premises, along with those at risk and any current fire control measures you have in place.  This will show to any enforcement agencies that you have understood your business premises as a whole and that you understand the importance of protecting against fire. The next two sections of the Fire Risk Assessment are the most crucial, the Fire Checklist and the Significant Findings. The Fire Checklist is a series of specific questions that are relative to most business processes to which you simply answer yes or no and provide any supporting evidence.  Any question answered in the negative, is presented back to you as a required action within the Significant Findings section and you will not be able to complete the assessment without acknowledging each one with a response and a date in which you intend to correct the action. An example of this is ‘Are all heaters fitted with suitable guards and fixed in position away from combustible materials?’ – Where ‘Yes’ is selected and you have provided supporting evidence, this will form your current control measures. Where ‘No’ is selected, you will be asked within Significant Findings to provide information as to what you will be putting in place and in what timescale. Once this deadline is reached you will receive a message to your inbox reminding you this needs to be completed. Once the Fire Risk Assessment is completed you can periodically review it online or print this off and place in your Peninsula Business Services Safety Records File.  Furthermore, as the system is web-based, whether the unfortunate should occur in your premises or not, you can access the assessment from any computer to demonstrate your compliance to any Enforcing Authorities. Should you require any assistance carrying out a Premises Fire Risk Assessment, our Health & Safety Advice Team are on hand 24 hours a day on 0844 892 2772 and select option 2 or via the Advice Tab on BusinessWise.

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