Safetywise - Risk Assessment Supporting Checklist

Peninsula Team

October 07 2012

Delegation is not always easy, particularly as it can mean letting others make decisions which may involve spending money. However, appropriate delegation will give your staff enough authority to get the work done and allowing senior members of staff to take initiative will keep your operation moving in your absence.

The people to whom you delegate responsibility and authority must, of course, be competent in the technical areas for which you hold them accountable and must have the correct systems and tools available to carry out the work.

The range of health and safety management tools available from Peninsula’s online service SafetyWise can be made available to members of your management team simply and easily - as you control the access each user has.

Adding a new user couldn’t be easier: enter their basic details and grant the permission to access the different features within SafetyWise through the use of a simple checkbox process, then - click Save. Job done.

It is also very quick and easy to update your users/permissions as needed, should a member of your team leave or there is a change to the organisation of responsibilities and tasks you delegate to your staff. To review the users currently set up to access your account, simply login to SafetyWise at and go to My Account.

If you should need further assistance or you are not yet registered to use this fantastic service, please provide your contact details and your Peninsula Client Account Number on the Register section of the website. Alternatively, if you’d like to find out more about how BusinessWise can help you to delegate, please email our Helpdesk Team at

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