Self-motivation whilst running your business

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

January 20 2015

How do you motivate yourself? We have read much about motivating employees however what do you do to motivate yourself? We all experience times when work gets the better of us, impending deadlines, employees requiring our time and resources; not enough hours in the day to complete our tasks, however what do we do when it all gets a little too much, how do we motivate ourselves? This may seem obvious however I make a list of what I wish to achieve that day, I write down all the tasks that I would normally put aside or would rather leave until the end. I face these challenges head on and try to get them out of the way, this will allow me to concentrate on other tasks that I enjoy and allow me to make better use of my time. Ask yourself, what drives you - is it ambition? Providing your clients with the best service? Watching your business grow? What gives you a sense of purpose and job satisfaction? When you know what it is then you can ensure helpful processes are implemented into your daily routine. I also believe that time management is essential - I have always been one for responding to emails out of hours but I have learnt to manage my time, I have a personal assistant who assists me. If all your deadlines build up and take over your schedule you lose enthusiasm and waste time, this can have a detrimental impact on productivity. So I think if you are not managing your time well then you need to review this and look at best practice ways - of course easier said than done. I always like to have contingency plans in place, a ‘be prepared’ process for when things go wrong and as we know they often can. Being prepared can help pre-empt and resolve any issues or challenges. Also rely on the expertise of other people, I like to surround myself with people that are skilled in their specialised field, I rely on their advice and expertise; that is not to say that I will always act on their recommendations, however I like to have several options. So if you face a problem then share it with others, let your colleagues help you, they may well have the answer or can help you handle the issue and provide you with guidance. Finally at the end of the day unwind. Turn off your computer, cease to respond or compose emails after a certain time and spend the rest of your evening and weekends with friends and family; you certainly need time to turn off and recharge. Also give yourself a break, book yourself a holiday or a weekend away, allow yourself something to look forward to and enjoy it. Hopefully I have provided you with useful and personal guidance that helps me keep motivated. Remember that life is too short to do something that you do not enjoy, if you find you need to motivate yourself more, or simply do not enjoy the job then it may be time for a change.

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