Technology can be your best friend when it comes to time management and organisation.

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

August 03 2015

Technology can be your best friend, let me explain, in order to organise myself I use various methods. Outlook being one, allows me to add important meetings into my diary, invite attendees, and add notes to the event. It took me a while to covert from the traditional manual diary process, but the fact is employing the use of Outlook enables me to organise event uploads and other important functions more efficiently. Furthermore, Outlook allows my assistant to edit, add or invite others when necessary, thus helping the flow of communication run more smoothly. Another useful tool in Outlook is the ability for me to add reminders so that I can be forewarned of when important dates and key meetings are. This feature is my personal favourite. Remember, when it comes to organising emails Outlook is a technical wizard, so if you need to keep emails for future reference then create folders, in which you can transfer messages to retain for a later date. I tend to do this automatically, so after reading an email or towards the end of the day I can organise my mailbox and keep the volume of emails to a minimum. I would also recommend utilising the tasks section on Outlook, as there will be times when I write down reminders on a spare piece of paper, only to lose it moments later. I use Outlook to list and prioritise tasks, allowing me to delete task that I have completed as I go along, or to carry over tasks yet to be completed to the next day. Furthermore, I can update my tasks list from my iPhone or iPad quite easily, making it extremely convenient for when I am out of the office.

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