The advantages of undertaking a staff satisfaction exercise.?

David Price – CEO of Health Assured

August 26 2015

Just the thought of introducing a staff satisfaction survey within your business can boost staff morale. However you will need to plan relevant questions that will allow you get a sense of how employees feel. Issue the survey at least annually, however it's important is that you follow through on the answers provided by your employees. Questions should encourage workers to provide fair and accurate responses and it would be advantageous to allow employees the option of remaining anonymous to encourage honest responses. Determine why you wish to undertake a survey, what you will do with the answers and whether the opinions and views of your employees will make a difference.  Ask open ended questions rather than providing a simple yes or no answer. Provide an option for further thoughts or comments for issues not covered in the questionnaire. If people are unhappy at work then it can have an impact on performance and morale. Employees should feel valued for the work they undertake otherwise morale will be compromised.  If you’re not aware of why employees are unhappy then there is little you can do to resolve. Once surveys have been submitted ensure you review responses received and whenever possible action comments and suggestions. Provide feedback of the responses to management so that they can gauge the general opinion of their employees and implement relevant changes within their department. Distributing an employee survey on an annual basis, will allow you to compare results and determine whether previous changes have made a difference to your workplace. You should also communicate the findings from the survey to your employees and explain to them the changes that will be implemented. Employees will appreciate you are taking their wellbeing seriously and that you are prepared to act on any concerns raised. For more advice and information on the above issue contact Health Assured on 0808 278 073.

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