The Quality Business Alliance

Peninsula Team

July 02 2010

The Quality Business Alliance (‘QBA’) is a new Membership Services organisation, whose goal is to maintain an ethical and professional marketplace for businesses, based on trust. The service allows both small and medium sized enterprises, as well as consumers, to engage with confidence.

Their focus is to encourage SMEs to trade with integrity. QBA offer clients their expertise to make sure your business benefits from the services as much as possible.

Gaining membership to the QBA service requires a comprehensive vetting and approval process, with regular checks to make sure the members are demonstrating the high standards that QBA demands.

Membership to the QBA brings with it benefits such as the right to display the QBA symbol, highlighting a companies integrity in the marketplace and it is a prestigious mark of quality acknowledged by customers. Furthermore, membership allows access to ‘member to member’ communications, where ideas can be transferred between businesses. QBA also offer support to help businesses improve their marketplace competitiveness.

Membership to QBA shows customers that your business will honour their commitments, which is hugely important as trust is a major issue when it comes to securing business with a customer. Furthermore it will highlight that your business:

  • advertise honestly;
  • act with integrity;
  • treat customers with courtesy and respect.

QBA also help members fulfil their own aspirations in a cost effective manner and have the contacts to help a business reach their potential.

The aims of QBA are simple; to support and promote professional, trustworthy business and increase integrity in the workplace. It is hoped that creating such an environment will encourage greater transparency between a business and their customers, which in turn could lead to a more successful relationship with customers, both financially and ethically.

To find out more regarding QBA, visit their website

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