The Top 5 Calls to the Advice Service

Peninsula Team

December 21 2012

Whatever the time of day or night, be it a working day, week-end or Bank Holiday Peninsula’s health and safety clients have access to a member of our BusinessSafe advice team. It only takes a phone call or e-mail to reach one of our qualified competent advisers; and they all have years of industrial experience behind them.

The advice line deals with hundreds of calls every week on a wide range of issues from first aid requirements, to controlling the risks from radio-frequency emissions; from the control of hazardous substances, to the presence of pets in the workplace.

Our advisers expect the unusual and are used to giving advice based on a basic risk assessment approach, research and the experience of colleagues within Peninsula. There are however some subjects that come up time and time again.

1. Personal injury claims received from solicitors for alleged work related injuries which have never previously been mentioned by the employee or their colleagues or been recorded in the accident book. Clients are told how to deal with the letter of claim and the immediate steps they should take to verify the injury or obtain information and evidence that will help their employers’ liability insurance company handle the claim.

2. What to do following a workplace injury. Our advisers explain the practical steps required to prevent a similar accident, and to collect contemporaneous information and evidence for use in the event of a personal injury claim being received. They will also help identify whether the incident should be reported to the authorities and explain how to make the report and prepare for the possibility of a visit by the enforcing authorities.

3. Workplace health risks from hazardous substances. Safety Data Sheets supplied with hazardous substances are technical and often incomprehensible to people other than chemists and chemical engineers. We will help our clients understand the nature of these substances, risks that are created by the amount the use and the way in which they are used, so that they can identify the measures they need to control the occupational health and safety risks to their employees.

4. First aid boxes and first aid training. Clients are often called by sales reps selling first aid kits and training who deliver the message that what the client has is not sufficient and does not meet the minimum legal standard. Since there is no real legal minimum, the requirements being based on the risk at the particular premises, they are often attempting to oversell. Our advisers help establish the appropriate provision for their workplace and avoid unnecessary expenditure.

5. Occupational health issues (other than exposure to hazardous substances, 3 above) including shift and night working, occupational health surveillance, stress, pregnant workers, well-being, eyesight tests and work involving display screens. In every case the issues are talked through and examined in discussion with our client and advice appropriate to the circumstances is given. Sometimes we have been able to help our clients find simple cost effective solutions. In the more complicated cases where we have confirmed the need for further action and the involvement of occupational health practitioners, we have been able to explain exactly what is required and minimise the cost of such provision.

The BusinessSafe advice service is available to all health and safety clients. Contact our advisers by calling 0844 892 2772 option 2 or emailing

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