Thinking About Moving Your Business

Peninsula Team

August 03 2012

“My company is expanding and we will be moving to a larger office shortly in order to accommodate the growing workforce. Are there any procedures I should carry out to ensure this transition is as stress-free and smooth as possible for my employees and to make sure the move does not negatively impact on my business?”

Firstly if you are moving to a larger office which is a substantial distance from your current office you need to check your handbooks to ensure that you have a mobility clause and whether it would be reasonable to rely upon it or whether it could be a redundancy situation. If you have a mobility clause and employees refuse to move a short distance you may be able to enforce this or invoke disciplinary action. I would advise meeting with the employees to advise them of the office move. In doing so I would discuss the rationale for moving, the positive attributes e.g. growth. Consultation will assist, get the employees support and reduce any resistance to change. Advise employees fully of what is happening and ensure that they have a point of contact at all times. During the transition you could consider whether contractually you could change their shifts to ensure cover in the old premises to reduce any impact upon to your business due to the move.

However if the new premises are a substantial distance away from the office, then if it has a detrimental impact on the employees, arguably it could result in a redundancy situation where work at a particular location is going to cease. If this is the case you would need to engage in consultation with affected employees well in advance of the move and we would advise you to contact the advice line for initial advice as soon as the situation arises.

If you require any further information on the process of redundancy please do not hesitate to contact the advice line on 0844 892 2786.

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