My thoughts on our imminent move to Glasgow - Peninsula Scotland.

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

February 17 2015

I’m very excited at the imminent opening of our new HQ at Skypark, we are at present working from temporary accommodation but we cannot wait to move into our exciting new home. Glasgow really is a wonderful city, the people have made us feel very welcome. As an employment law and health & safety consultancy we already service over 11,000 Scottish businesses but by being based in Scotland we can employ local expertise, people who know the industry and will understand the HR and legal obligations that our Scottish clients face daily - our new set up at Peninsula Scotland is going to allow us to do just that. Also being based from Glasgow will mean that our consultants will be able to easily visit our clients, especially those in the more remote areas of Scotland. In terms of recruitment I am very keen to recruit locally, there is a lot of excellent expertise in Scotland and I think it is very important to help the local economy hence why I wish to tap into the local talent. I’ve been in the process of recruiting local call centre staff, HR qualified experts and health & safety consultants and I’m pleased to say that we are finding the right people. Finally I’m very proud and excited to be given the opportunity of leading an excellent business, Peninsula Scotland is a fantastic business and by calling Glasgow our home then I know our Scottish clients will be better served and it puts us in a great position for future growth.

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