To enrol in a pension scheme or not, that is the question By Group Director, Alan Price

Peninsula Team

October 02 2012

Here is a question asked by a client this week; How do I encourage my employees to start a pension now? When we are young, retirement seems like a lifetime away and yet how many younger employees consider a pension to be a good idea? Naturally changes in pension auto enrolment have just been introduced, but this does not affect all companies yet. I was encouraged to start a pension from an early age and I still believe today it was a good idea. Those who fail to consider starting a pension could face a retirement of poverty. Common sense dictates that if you save and invest sensibly from an early age, chances are you could have a more comfortable retirement, although as we have experienced, the financial situation is still volatile. So my question this week asks, do you encourage your employees to partake in a pension scheme from an early age or do you believe it is their sole responsibility? I enjoy reading your views. By Group Director, Alan Price.

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