Treat the business as your business

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

July 03 2015

A number of HR professionals often wonder why they never make it to board level appointments, despite spending a number of years supporting their organization’s aims and objectives. The answer is simple; they tend to think like employees rather than as the employer. The same applies in any profession; being led (even at a senior level) is much easier than leading from the front.

We all have heard the saying “act for the role above”, well in business the ultimate role is to own the business or at least have a stake. If we all acted as shareholders in our respective organisations, would we act the same? Would we make the same decisions, work the same hours and have the same motivation? Entrepreneurs and owner-ran organisations are widely regarded as fast paced, agile and lean. This appears to be a necessity rather than design, when looking at your own organisational or departmental structure can the same be said? If you were investing your own funds into your business would you spend them in the same way as you do now? Would your expectations increase or decrease with regard to any return on your investment? To run a business you need to treat it as if it was your own business, consider every important decision from the viewpoint of a stakeholder and ultimately a shareholder within that business. Don’t expect decisions to be taken that will have a positive effect on you and your role, instead create situations where positive outcomes can be created. Visualise, what do I need to do to achieve X, what will assist me to achieve this outcome?

I am sure if more HR professionals thought of their organisations as one in which they were the employer rather than an employee their aspirations would materialise far sooner. 

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