Tribunal Fees - Important Clarification

Peninsula Team

July 23 2013

Not long to go before the introduction of paying fees to make a tribunal claim and there’s been a flurry of action – not one but two separate calls for judicial review to stop them from happening. In Scotland, an interim interdict (which would have meant that fees could not be charged from 29th July 2013) was refused. However, a full judicial review will be held later on in the year. If the decision is that fees should not be introduced, all fees paid until that time will be refunded. Whilst in England, trade union Unison has also tried to block the fees. We will watch this space. In the meantime, the Government provided some clarification on details. Firstly, it admitted there had been a drafting error in the legislation when the fee for equal pay claims was set in the higher tier (total fee £1250). It should have been set at the lower fee figure (total £390) and legislation will be changed to reflect this. It was also confirmed that preliminary hearings at tribunal will not attract a hearing fee, and multiple Employment Appeal Tribunal claims will only attract one single fee. If you would like to find out any further information on Tribunal Fees then contact the Peninsula Advice Service on 0844 892 2772.  By Nicola Mullineux

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