What are appraisals used for?

Peninsula Team

June 01 2012

Appraisals are also known as performance reviews and are an important performance management tool.  Most employers will complete once or twice yearly. 

Appraisals are used to review your employees past performance, identifying their achievements, and to set objectives for future performance.  It is important for an employee to receive feedback on their performance throughout their employment. This enables the employer to identify what they have done well and what areas require improvement.   

Will appraisals make a difference for your organisation?

Appraisals are a good tool to use for communication between you and the employee.  It provides a forum for both the employer and the employee to give their views, on performance to date, identifying strengths and weaknesses.   A plan can be put into place to improve any areas for improvement.  Discussion can take place surrounding any training or support that could be put in place to help the employee improve. 

Employers can use appraisals as an effective management tool to set objectives for their employees which can be linked to the organisations goals.  Appraisals are a good way of communicating and motivating employees to achieve goals and targets for the future.

An appraisal scheme can help you identify a succession plan for the future.  It will help identify which employees are looking to progress within the company and what is needed to get the employee to that position.   You will be able to identify the right people for promotion. 

Effective appraisals will result in engaged employees who will deliver improved business performance, but what happens when conducting an appraisal with an employee who has poor performance? 

Employers should speak to the employee and bring the concerns to their attention. Once the employer identifies the cause by listening to the employee the employer can use the appraisal to offer support, training and supervision and a time frame to meet the required standards. This should help to improve the employees’ performance as there is continual feedback and support. 

Should the employees’ performance fail to improve and the employer has followed a fair and consistent appraisal process then the employer may decide to take formal action against the employee in accordance with their disciplinary / capability process.  

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