Why becoming environmentally sustainable is beneficial to businesses

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

October 01 2015

Concerns surrounding environmental sustainability have rapidly progressed over the last few years becoming a hot topic on the tips of everyone’s lips. For the business community, this has brought forth a multitude of challenges, as they have to meet the increasing demands and expectations of their employees, clients and customers. Consequently, a majority of companies have implemented sustainability practices into all aspects of their business. This demonstrates a commitment to ensuring the future of responsible business and a dedication to supporting both local and wider communities. For companies who have not considered the importance of incorporating environmental sustainability into their organisational structure, I would strongly advise that you take action, as there a number of benefits to becoming a sustainable business, most notably that it has now become an essential ingredient in determining long-term business success. Incorporating environmental sustainability into your everyday workplace practices will help develop your brand and give you a competitive edge. Demonstrating awareness of how your business may impact the environment around you will show your stakeholders that as a company you are not driven solely by financial gains, but that you are mindful of playing your part in creating an ethically conscious business framework, which will serve to attract new clientele to your company, whilst encouraging existing clients to remain loyal. From an internal perspective, your employees will appreciate and respect your efforts and commitment to corporate social responsibility, playing an active role in doing the right thing by the local and wider environment. This could range from sourcing from ethical vendors to ensuring that all the company waste is recycled and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. In addition, being part of an organisation who cares about the environment will help employees feel like they are contributing to helping the environment, which will increase their positivity and morale. Businesses are always searching for ways to help reduce costs and maximise productivity. By incorporating sustainable practices into your company it should enable you to help conserve your resources and help streamline operations. This could include simple things, for example searching for the most cost effective supplier or finding ways to re-use certain products or items to save on waste and expense. This is one of the key areas where businesses can optimise their profitability, giving them more opportunity to utilise funds to improve the organisation. Environmental sustainability is no longer a trivial subject discussed by green enthusiasts, it has become an ever-present part of our society, infusing itself into how we live our lives. There are many benefits to incorporating sustainability into the workplace both internally and externally. It is for this reason that every business should strongly consider implementing sustainable practices into their organisational structure and if they do so already, ensure that their policies are in-keeping with their employees and clients expectations. For more information, please contact our Advice Service on 0844 892 2772.

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