Why encouraging employees to keep fit is a great strategy for your business

David Price – CEO of Health Assured

July 30 2015

As business professionals, we have witnessed our lives become increasingly more hectic as organisations grow and the projects increase, this is clearly an indication of the 24/7 society we live in today. As a result of this, maintaining our levels of health and fitness often take a back seat, particularly within an office based environment where we spend long hours sitting at our desk and rarely break away to eat lunch. The volume of deadlines we handle daily sometimes results in us not affording the time to be able to spend time away from our desks. As an employer, encouraging fitness in the workplace is beneficial as it is likely to reduce the levels of employee sickness, whilst also increasing productivity. For the employee, participating in regular exercise will boost their energy levels and minimise the amount of stress they feel, thus helping them establish a more positive mind-set. Additionally, taking measures to consider employees health and wellbeing will demonstrate that you value your staff, encouraging them to stay with your company long-term. One simple method to encourage fitness in the workplace is to communicate with your employees regarding the importance of utilising their personal time at work. More specifically, encouraging employees to take their lunch break away from their desks. This can have positive effects on both their mental and physical wellbeing, as it will provide the opportunity for employees to interact with their colleagues, whilst also enabling them to stretch their legs and get some fresh air. Another way to implement fitness into the work environment is to encourage participation in physical team based activities. As many organisations do not have the space or funds to set up a company gym, establishing several company sports teams such as football or tennis is a great alternative. Not only will employing this tactic get employees participating in physical exercise, but it will also facilitate team building amongst colleagues, helping them to develop their professional relationships, become more unified and discover new ways to communicate more efficiently. For the employee, partaking in sports or another fitness programme will encourage them to become more efficient and productive within the workplace. Participation in many fitness based activities requires an individual to set clear goals and objectives they want to achieve. If an employee commits to a regular amount of exercise, the skills they gain from that will undoubtedly flow over into their workplace persona. This will obviously have positive repercussions for your business. Finally as employers we must take a spoonful of our own medicine and learn to set an example by ensuring that we take exercise or at least educate ourselves to take time from our desks. This will ensure that our employees take note of our lead and follow suit. It is important for business owners and managers to understand that employees are your most important asset. Therefore, demonstrating concern for their health and wellbeing by employing fitness initiatives in the workplace is vital for both the happiness of your staff and for the long-term productivity of your company. For further advice and clarification on employee wellbeing contact Health Assured on 0808 278 0734.

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